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Looking Out for Your Physical Health

Looking Out for Your Physical Health

“I’d get home from work and not really have the energy to cook so it was delivery most nights and never anything healthy. I was so burnt out, I don’t think I saw the inside of my gym for six months. My diet was pretty much coffee, cigarettes, and pizza.”

- Pierre

Neglecting ourselves physically just compounds other problems.

If anyone could use a shot of feel-good chemicals right now it’s you. And that’s what eating well and exercising can do for you. It also sets a good example for your kids and is likely to help your self-esteem at a time when you could probably use it.

Let’s keep it simple.

Get moving. In one way or another, move every day. 

If you play sports or used to, get back at it. This can also double as a means of not isolating yourself socially. If the gym is your thing, great. No time? Do it at home to save yourself the commute time. There are plenty of workout and yoga apps. Even better, hook up the kids' video game system and jam out with them to a dance game. It’ll be fun and a way to connect.

You’re not trying to make yourself look like an underwear model right now. Just move.

As for food, follow the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time. Whatever that means for you.  

The point is self-care. Don’t use excess or unhealthy food as a way to stifle either yours or your kids' emotions and don’t commit yourself to a drastically new diet or eating routine. We will get into more detail about eating later when things have calmed down. For now, just follow these few easy rules and you’ll be alright.

The last point is to be wary of alcohol and other controlled substances.

I’m fortunate to not have issues with booze but, I still didn’t touch a drop of it for the first few months after I split with my daughter’s mom. Things were too intense when I was in the React phase of my own breakup and I knew I wouldn’t find anything good at the bottom of a bottle.

If you’re prone to substance abuse, be proactive and get some help via a counsellor or support group now. The next while is the most vulnerable you’re going to be in terms of a relapse. Things are hard enough right now. You don’t need to add a substance abuse problem to the heap. There’s also significant potential you could harm yourself in any upcoming legal proceedings and do massive damage to your relationship with your kids.


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